Musinguzi Law wins complicated N-600 Denial case before SDNY Federal District Court

Form N-600 is Application Requesting the USCIS to Issue a Certificate of Citizenship to an applicant who derives US Citizenship automatically by virtue of being a minor biological child of US Citizen. This case was complicated for the following reasons:

  • The Applicant (who is technically expected to apply before they turn 18) submitted her application 14 years after the fact – at age 32.
  • After submitting the application, she was arrested and imprisoned for more than 4 years on gun-related charges – a fact that negatively impacted her Good Moral Character – a major requirement – for purposes of becoming a US Citizen.
  • Further complication, arose from the fact that the principal was also a Naturalized citizen who could not objectively prove  he had Full Custody of our client before she became an adult.
  • Most aliens who were admitted into the United States as Legal Permanent Residents while they were still minors generally derive citizenship automatically as long as they satisfy some criteria, by applying for a certificate of citizenship. Attorney Martin Musinguzi who is admitted to practice law before the SDNY Court managed use mostly circumstantial and subjective evidence, intensive preparation, meticulous research and briefing to win the case on Appeal before the presiding Federal judge . Results of a particular case do not guarantee similar results as every case is different.

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