Affirmative Asylum Case Status Updates Online

For several years now, USCIS has been able to integrate case processing information with the online tools on its website. This enabled anyone with a pending case to check through their “” website for the status of their cases -updated in real time.

1) Visit “” then, 2) Click “Case Status”

Applicants, beneficiaries, representatives and attorneys have been able to use this useful tool for most pending cases except -dubiously- for Asylum cases/applications. However, you can now check the status of your Affirmative Asylum (Form I-589) case using USCIS’s online case status tool. In order to check the status of your case, you will need your unique receipt number. Your receipt number can be found on the Receipt Notice- which looks like this, confirming the receipt of your Asylum Application. Enter the receipt the 13-digit number into the online case management system to get the latest update on your pending Affirmative Asylum Claim, as shown below.

3) Type / Fill in USCIS Receipt (13 alpha-numeric digits ZAR-1234567890) Number found on your Receipt Notice.

Please note that this is only for Affirmative Asylum claims or cases filed directly with USCIS. Asylum claims that are pending with Immigration Court will not be able to access a case update through this automated system.

Tip: Even though, you are allowed to submit your application by yourself –pro-se, the fact is that you are much better off hiring or using the help of an immigration attorney or representative who specializes in Asylum law. The Asylum Officer is an expert and without an expert in your corner, you put yourself at a disadvantage.

Do you have questions regarding your Asylum claim? Our Attorneys are here to help, you may start by reading some of our blog posts about the Asylum process. Call today to set up a consultation with one of our experienced immigration attorneys. We can help you to prepare and file your asylum claim on your behalf and/or arrange a limited review of your claim.


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