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Asylum One-Year-Deadline Noose Loosened

these immigrants,  the majority of whom may be potential asylum applicants (in fact, most are released upon expressing a positive fear of returning home) -fail to comply with the one-year-deadline. For years, this one-year-filing requirement has been the bane of their existence

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Applying for N-600 Citizenship Certificate

Certificate of Citizenship -N-600 Why does one need this Certificate and what is it? Applying for your Certificate of Citizenship on Form N-600 is a little known but highly useful way of turning around your immigration status in the U.S. Incredibly, some U.S citizens do not have proof of their citizenship. One client was about [..]

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Notario vs. Public Notary

Identifying the difference between a “Notario” and a Notary Public It is easy to confuse the definition of a “Notario” and a “Notary” when the words appear strikingly similar.  However, a “Notario” should not be confused with a “Notary.” A “Notario” is a non-lawyer who is engaged in the unauthorized practice of law by performing [..]

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