Immigration Law

Adjustment of Status

iStock_000005918934SmallFamily-Based Immigration where MLG will help each family member’s adjustment of status to Permanent Residents (LPRs);

Check-markU.S Citizens petitioning for their Alien Spouses

Check-markU.S Children petitioning for their Alien Parents

Check-markLPRs petitioning for their Alien Spouses and Children

Working with the Embassy in your Country of Origin to get Visas for your loved ones (daughter, son, fiancée, wife, mother, adopted child) to join you here in the U.S

 Business Immigration

big-check-markInvestors can start-up companies, or transfer their foreign employees to work in their U.S based operations through EB5, E1,E2, L1 and L2 Visas

big-check-markEmployment-based immigrants can move to U.S with their loved ones and families for the duration of their work periods


This is the final step to becoming a U.S Citizen

big-check-markIf you are married to a U.S Citizen, have been an LPR for 3 years –you can opt to adjust status into a U.S Citizen

big-check-markIf you have been an LPR for 5 years or more – you can opt to adjust status to a U.S Citizen


iStock_000015904932SmallRequesting for Asylum in a foreign country is hard enough on a personal level; messing it up just because you filled out ill-advised statements will only make your Asylum journey more difficult. Attorney Musinguzi not only identifies with your experience but has also helped several people through the Asylum process.

Other Services

Referrals for private and public assistance, Review and preparation of legal documents, Document translation, Interpreters,

Check-markNotary Public, North Carolina