International Law

iStock_000017016084SmallThe Musinguzi Law Group has a firm local footprint on the African Continent with diverse networks of contacts and relationships forged both socially and academically spanning over 20 years particularly in the South and Eastern parts of mainland Africa.

We are prepared to provide legal advice and representation to U.S. companies entering African markets and transnational corporations entering the United States market. Our attorneys can assist United States business entities in setting up foreign offices, and structuring and forming corporations in foreign jurisdictions. We can also help international corporations set up offices in the United States, and structure and form corporations in the United States.

iStock_000008519628SmallThrough strategic partnerships, our lawyers have broad experience drafting, reviewing, and negotiating international business contracts. Africa is commonly referred to as “the last frontier” and the last two decades have seen an unprecedented focus on Investment in Africa. With a view to diversify our experience to also handle foreign investments, international banking, international business transactions, collection matters, and various disputes. We have been currently involved mainly in representing African businesses in International Tax and/or Trade Dispute Resolution and invariably litigation in U.S Federal Courts.