At Musinguzi Law Group, we strive to be attentive and responsive to our clients. While every case is different, and we cannot promise the same results for any two situations, we can and do assure you that your satisfaction is extremely important to us. From candid answers, to rapid responses, we pride ourselves in ensuring that each person feels like he or she is the most important client at the firm. Here are some statements of what clients say about our firm:

“Your advice on how to handle the complex process of bringing my family over from Africa especially for my kids and my late brother’s kids (adopted) was superb and worked out fast. They joined me in no time!! Thanks to you. Probably, the best decision I made was to hire your law firm from the very beginning with my asylum case. Was granted after the first interview and the rest has been success after success… I don’t know how you do it, but your team is amazing”.

– Frank M – Chicago | May 2016

“After fifty-three long days away from my children in immigration jail, Mr. Musinguzi won my case in Stewart, GA. The judge said it was one of the best briefs he’d seen, and I was out the same day as the hearing. Me and my family pray for your continued success every day! May God bless you and Thank you so much!”

– J. N – Raleigh, NC | April, 2016

“Martin is professional, smart and a tremendously effective immigration lawyer. My case was not straight-forward but he used his incredible skills and advanced knowledge to get the job done. Now I am the happiest green-card holder-and-citizen-to-be on earth thanks to Martin and my life has changed in ways I could only have dreamt of before. Martin was the first immigration lawyer I experienced who was honest, fair and kept in regular contact with me about how my case was progressing throughout the process (ordeal). I live in New York but he did such a great job of helping me organize my documents and be thoroughly prepared via a mixture of virtual and traditional methods that it was almost as if he was sitting right in front of me and guiding me every step of the way. No matter the distance or what state you live in he is so efficient he will do an amazing job for you too. Having crossed paths with Martin was one of life’s true blessings. Now I have the freedom to move around confidently, travel the world, work at what I want and call America my home, something which was unimaginable before. I recommend him to friends and family members because I trust him and the results are always amazing.”

-Caitriona, NY | March, 2016

“I live in Houston, Texas and even the time difference did not hinder the law firms response to my calls. I have used Musinguzi Law firm for sometime now and I am very impressed with their work ethics, follow up and time management. Whenever i called for consultation, if i didn’t get to speak to anyone, my call was returned almost immediately. Even when they were busy in court, someone called to say, the attorney is busy… we will get back to you. The attorney also spends quality time explaining your case to you, I never felt rushed like i have with some other attorneys. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney.”

-Stella | January, 2016

Me. Musinguzi est un excellent avocat qui travail dure!
“J’aimerai exprimer ma sincère gratitude et remerciement a Me. Martin Musinguzi pour son assistance dans mon affaire d’immigration comme avocat. Je l’ai choisi comme avocat parce qu’il était le meilleur parmi tant d’autre avocats que j’avais consulté pour m’aider avec mon cas et je l’ai pas du tout regretté. Il est très fiable et professionnelle, capable de gérer des problèmes d’immigration avec une norme d’éthique très élevée, beaucoup de diligence et d’intégrité. Pour commencer, ils m’ont créé un portail profile en ligne pour mon cas, ce qui est un lien précieux permettant aux clients de gérer tous les matérielles concernant le cas avec le Musingusi Law Group. Cet instrument m’a été très utile. J’étais capable de partager tous les documents nécessaires avec Musinguzi Law Group et recevoir des mis a jours sur le travail effectué à chaque étapes. Cela m’a aussi permis d’économiser mon temps et mon argent car je ne vis pas près du bureau de l’avocat. Quand bien même que chaque cas a ses complications, Me. Martin m’a mis s en confiance du début jusqu’à la fin que mon cas est simple. Ce qui m’a le plus marqué est sont simplicité, son engagement et son sens de l’humour. Il était dévoué à faire de mon cas une histoire de succès. Il a arrangé plusieurs interviews de préparation pour bien comprendre mon cas et m’expliquer chaque détail le concernant. De plus le résumé légal qu’il a remis à la justice d’immigration sur mon cas est l’un des plus meilleurs. Alors même qu’un résultat positif ne pouvait pas être garanti, je n’étais pas surpris quand nous avions gagné mon cas!! Je recommanderai très fortement les services de Musinguzi Law Group a tout Person qui a des problèmes d’immigrations ou qui a besoin d’un avocat qui est authentiquement concerné avec chacun de ses clients.”

-Kwaku, Togo | October, 2015

Attorney Musinguzi is an excellent and hardworking lawyer!
“I will like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Mr. Martin Musinguzi for his assistance in my immigration matter as my legal counsel. I chose Mr. Martin to be my attorney because he was the best among several other attorneys I had consulted to help me with my case and I did not regret it at all. He is very reliable and professional, capable to handle immigration issues with high ethics standard, diligence and integrity. To start they created online profile portal for my case which is a valuable client manager link to materials related to my case with the Musinguzi Law Group. This tool was very helpful to me. I was able to share every document related to my case with the Musinguzi Law Group and get real time updates on work being done at every step. It also made me to save time and money since I don’t live close to the law firm. Though every case has its complications, Mr. Martin made me feel confident right from the beginning to the end that my case was a simple one. What impressed me most are his simplicity, commitment and sense of humor. He was devoted to make my case a success story. He took me through several prep interviews in order to better understand my case and explain to me every detail concerning it. Also the legal brief he submitted to the immigration court on my case is one of the best ever. Even though a positive outcome cannot be guaranteed, I was not surprised when we WON my case!! I will highly recommend the service of Musinguzi Law Group to Any one with immigration issues or who needs a lawyer who is genuinely concerned about each of his clients.”

-Kwaku, Togo | October, 2015

“Mr. Musinguzi was very helpful and dedicated to our case. We were very careless and clumsy but Mr. Musinguzi was very helpful, patient, and extremely detail oriented and assisted us every step of the way. He was very knowledgeable of the law and made sure that we had everything in order. Prepare, prepare, prepare! We got our Green Card -couldn’t have it done without him. Two thumbs up!”

-Mark | March, 2015

“Musinguzi Law Group handled our immigration case very competently and judiciously. From our initial consultation to the time our immigration status was resolved, the firm served us diligently, swiftly and patiently. They answered all our questions and did thorough research on ones they didn’t have immediate feedback, advised us on the right steps and were always three steps ahead. My wife and I are absolutely pleased with their professional and legal service. Previously, we were dealing with a DC based firm that was not only more expensive but also much slower. When one is dealing with very sensitive issues like immigration, it helps to have attorneys that you know will journey with you till the very end. Thank you Musinguzi Law Group.”

-Andy | Lancaster, PA – April, 2015

” Mr. Musinguzi and your team, I sincerely thank you for all the help you provided me during my immigration matters in 2013. My emails/calls were answered very promptly and never would have to wait for a response or for an advice and I am very much thankful to you for that. I should admit you had a lot of patience in answering my countless questions and I really appreciate that.” With out your professional guidance on how to fill the forms and check on the status, the whole process would have not proceeded quickly and efficiently. Thanks again and God bless your work”

-Edson | Washington DC – April 2014

Attorney Musinguzi is the best Lawyer.
“I interviewed a bunch of other law firms before deciding that the best attorney to handle my case will be Lawyer Martin Musinguzi. After presenting him with my case and having a few sessions to review it, I felt that I was in very good hands with Musinguzi Law Group. He is very detail- oriented and explained to me to the very last detail the legal process we were going to take for my case. He put up a list of every single thing I need to submit to him and he also helped me get some of it. Every case has its complications, and with mine, he made me feel at ease and with the great energy this law firm puts out there, it made me feel better and kept me positive. I also have to mention that his website includes a great case management system, and this tool allowed me to share/upload documents that the firm needed for my case and vice versa. Since I live far from the firm, using the tool worked for me well, saved me time and money as I did not have to mail documents back and forth. I would recommend this lawyer to anyone who wants to win a case.”

-Bertrand | Seattle, WA

Thank You!!
“Mr. Martin please accept sincere gratitude and thanks for your assistance in helping me with my immigration matter. Before having Martin as my lawyer I dealt with attorneys that cared only about their compensation. They did not treat my case well and it went from bad to worse. That was until Martin helped me out.
Not only was he more knowledgeable than the other attorneys that I dealt with before, he was extremely diligent and made sure he knew every detail of my case. His high work ethic, efficient service and level of care displayed throughout the application process are much appreciated as my case was successful.
I will have no hesitation in recommending the services of Martin’s firm to other clients.”

– Carlos | Tocoa Colon, Honduras

A great lawyer
“Attorney Martin Musinguzi handles my immigration case. He is very knowledgeable about the immigration laws and always keeps me up to date on any changes and amendments to the law relating to my case.
He is patient, genuine, thorough and always takes may calls even on a Sunday evening. I’m happy he took up my case and would recommend him to anyone seeking legal help.
I can say; He is a friend.
I’m very confident that I will prevail with him on my side.”

-Fred | Charlotte, NC

Martin Musinguzi is an excellent attorney.
“My case looked hopeless until Martin Musinguzi worked on it. He complied detailed files and notes, interviewed witnesses and spent countless hours doing depositions with me until my case was resolved. I am forever grateful for the excellent work ethic and dedication exhibited by this attorney, without which my case would not have been resolved in such a successful way. I would recommend his services to anyone who values commitment, hard work, and complete dedication from a lawyer.”

-Ken | Boston, MA